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Ryan Fitzpatrick sees players gravitating to Tua Tagovailoa


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Saturday, Aug 01, 2020 01:16 PM

Ryan Fitzpatrick sees players gravitating to Tua Tagovailoa


Grant Gordon



Still boasting bearded brilliance, Ryan Fitzpatrick is no stranger to being a captivating and charismatic figure.

He anticipates a similar magnetism for first-round draft pick and Miami Dolphins hopeful future franchise quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

"He's a really interesting guy. He's got a lot of energy to him. You can tell guys are going to gravitate to him," Fitzpatrick told reporters Saturday, via The Palm Beach Post's Hal Habib. "There's just something about him that's just very likable. I can already tell he's one of those guys who will get along with everybody."

Fitzpatrick provided highlights aplenty toward the end of the Dolphins' 2019 season, often times a one-man adventure doing whatever possible to will Miami to victories in a lost campaign. Though there's a good chance he'll be the starter at the upcoming season's onset, Fitzpatrick is well aware of the plan for the franchise and the No. 5 overall pick out of Alabama.

Fitzpatrick intends on holding down the spot under center and then doing his best to spur on Tagovailoa thereafter.

"I know I am the placeholder," Fitzpatrick said, via The Athletic's Josh Tolentino. "Whenever Tua gets his chance, I'm going to be his biggest cheerleader."

Despite being the competitor that he is, it's likely it'll be a bit easier for Fitzpatrick to cheer on his successor considering how affable Tagovailoa has shown himself to be. Perhaps there's a QB bromance ahead for the elder FitzMagic and the rookie Tua.

"I have a unique perspective just from the career that I've had," Fitzpatrick said, via the South Florida Sun Sentinel's Safid Deen. "I was excited they drafted him. Since meeting him in person the other day, I'm really excited. We've hit it off. I am an old geezer, but we've meshed personality-wise, and I'm excited to work with him."

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6 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

Thank you for classifying my emotions for me, telling me which humans I love and hate. 

All I said is he sucks, in whatever verbose manner I do, and he's not the type of QB I miss or look back upon with fond memories, nor yearn to. The rest is in your head.  

Fitzpatrick is and was a sucky QB, and as an NFL leader/QB he's a loser. This is my feeling. 

But feel free to disagree and continue "love" him as you will. 


Warfish loves Kirk Cousins, and still wishes he had signed here for $33M per year fully guaranteed.

Enough said.  

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1 hour ago, #27TheDominator said:

@Warfish I get why you look back fondly upon 2015.  You seem to have forgotten that he was here in 2016 too, made a whole bunch of money and blew donkeys.  McCown, and Darnold have been considerably better than 2016 Fitzpatrick, despite not having Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker or Quincy Enunwa. 

Doesn't he get any credit for that bottom 5 offense in 2016?


You would think we'd have extreme aversion to those flashes of top-end QB play by now, given what happened after each of them occurred.  We got one great year out of Vinny and Fitzpatrick and two partial great years out of Pennington and Favre. 

This franchise hasn't had a QB string together multiple top-end seasons since maybe Ken O'Brien.  And that's probably giving O'Brien too much credit.

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