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Ryan Fitzpatrick sees players gravitating to Tua Tagovailoa

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13 hours ago, Rangers9 said:

He has enough ability to play and even start in the NFL. But a man has to know his limitations. It’s not weakness it’s smarts. Not every Qb has the same skills. There have been excellent NFL winning Qbs guys with average arms but extra smart. Who weren’t flashy but consistently won games. Guys like Staubach, Bart Starr etc. 

Fitz's on field smarts are as overrated as he is. 

The problem with linking QB IQ with neck-up QB ability is time allotted. Analogizing a timed Wonderlic, or solving a 3x3 cube in a couple minutes, to a QB surveying his options, is a false equivalence.

Once the playbook is known, the 2-3 seconds a QB typically has is more instinct than problem solving math or logic or word definitions/antonyms in a minute or even 10 seconds. (Never mind with all the solution websites out there, solving a 3x3 cube as he does is a recipe-memory skill, not one of intelligence, in the first place.)

This is the answer why some great QBs over the decades can seem like functional motions off the field, while 40+ Wonderlic guys stare down receivers like they’re transmitting semaphore or directing a plane with those mini-lightsaber flashlights, unable to identify a second downfield read absent a 5-second pocket, forcing in passes that a brilliant person would never attempt, given more time to analyze than a QB has. 

There’s your explanation why a cut off his obvious intelligence throws right into coverage so frequently. He’s clearly a smart person, but he’s not a smart QB. He shouldn’t ever be missed.

In his favor, most of the countless other QBs in college and pros, with his physical skill level and better, also suck at this. 

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1 hour ago, Warfish said:

Most productive Jets QB in a single season ever.  The last time prior to him we had a top 10 Offense was 1998.

Did you watch McCown play?  Or Geno?  Or the jokes we played when Darnold went down?

Here is something that can't be over-rated:  Jets Fans irrational loathing of a QB who was legitimately fun, played hard as any Jets QB in ages, throws his body away to get that extra yard, was a team-first guy all the way, and provided the ONLY Offensive competitive fun the Jets have seen in 20+ years now. 

And why did they hate him?  For wanting a few bucks after producing the best season at QB this moribund franchise had seen to that point, one of the few seasons we've ever had in modern Jets history where we actually looked like an NFL offense.  The failure of 2016 was by the GM, not by Fitzpatrick.  And since JN LOVES to play the "take away the Pats game and Darnodl was great" game, lets play that for Fitz too, take away the Chiefs game.  And lets not forget that Fitz lost half the team to injuries in 2016....or is having a sh*t support only an excuse for golden boy Darnold?

Jets fans will irrationally and incorrectly credit Marshall and Decker for 2015.....both of whom washed out of the league not long after that great 2015 season, because both were basically done as NFL players when Fitz and our O-line raised them up and provided both of them with best single seasons of their careers.  It was quite clearly a group effort, unlike post-Fitz hater propaganda.  

McCown sucked, Geno sucked, and Darnold, so far, has yet to be as good as Fitz where it counts, production.  Darnold gets alot of love, and some of the most flowery language this side of romantic poetry from Jets fans, but he's not in Fitz ballpark yet in terms of actual on-field production.

Fitz has turned minimal physical talent into a 15 year NFL career.  He's always been there when #1 QB's go down, which for some crazy reason Jets Fans think is a BAD thing.  I sure as hell would have rather had Fitz last year for those Darnold-less games than Simien or Falk or Fales.  

Damn right I missed Fitz, because I had to watch McCown, and Bryce Petty, and too many games where Darnold wasn't available since then.  

Lets be honest, a team that has sucked like us at QB, and been losers ever since, has little room to bitch about the only QB to give us a decent offense in two decades.  



lol ok

He's either good enough or not good enough. Better than Geno Smith or a career backup like McCown, but still not good enough, is nothing to look back upon with nostalgic reverence. Particularly when he had such a cakewalk schedule of unparalleled good weather (a big deal for a QB like him); particularly when he threw some 30+ interception-worthy passes himself in his banner season. Absent that easy schedule and a pair of tall, above average receivers still in their prime erasing many of his errors, he'd have finished as he did in every other season of his career: without a winning record. 

If you want to argue that Fitzpatrick is a better backup QB than Falk, you'll have few people arguing with you, but I missed the part where that was up for debate, let alone where it was the binary choice. And overmatched as Falk was, because he's not even a legit NFL backup let alone starter, there's still zero evidence the Jets wouldn't have still gone 0-3 in the games Darnold missed to mono -- with Darnold or Fitz in Falk's stead. A puncher's chance at best with someone else, but the likely best-case was 1-2. It's convenient to forget this team lost to two winless teams (and we're not talking about the first 2-3 weeks of the season) that had nothing to do with Falk. 

Seems I've touched a nerve. But while he may be a winner in life, as a QB the guy is a loser. The fact that we have had other losers even worse doesn't change that.

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1 minute ago, Warfish said:

He was good enough to be the most productive QB in your or my lifetimes as a NY Jet.  And the last QB to lead a decent NY Jets Offense, the only one to do so since 1998, over 20 years ago now.

He was good enough that he could have started here since 2016 all the way thru 2018, and we'd have had better records than we did in every single one of those years.

As opposed to Sam "Insert all the possible Compliments" Darnold, who has yet to hit average production, much less earn ANY of the various compliments he gets every day here?

Please, spare me the lecture as to who I should or should not look back fondly upon.  

As opposed to losing to the 0 win Dolphins and 0 win Bengals, setting a new NFL record, like Sam Darnold, right?

You play the schedule you're given.  

I would argue exactly what I already argued:  Fitz was better than Geno, better then McCown, better than Simiean, better than Fales, better than Falk and better in terms of production, at least to-date, than Darnold.  

When I look fondly at a player (ffs we have a "Thank You Brian Winter" Thread on this very board today, WINTER ffs!) I tend to like guys with great attitudes, who play hard Pete Rose style, who was fun to watch, who helped us be competitive, and produced one of our only decent offensive and QB production seasons since the f'ing 90's.  

Not really.  I can write 10,000 words at the drop of a hat mate, same as you.  

I simply will never understand the hatred (and I use that word consciously, it IS hatred for many) of Fitzy, given his tenure here.  One great productive fun year, one year where most of the Offense got hurt and we disappointed.  

Given the sh*t show that's followed, and who the alternate option was when he was here (yes, that's Geno Smith) one might think the hard playing guy good natured guy who produced would be seen fondly.....or at least neutrally. 

But nope, near universal hatred and constant sh*t talk.  While we have "We will miss you Trever Simianananan" threads and their ilk here all the time.  It's a bloody laugh.

Thank you for classifying my emotions for me, telling me which humans I love and hate. 

All I said is he sucks, in whatever verbose manner I do, and he's not the type of QB I miss or look back upon with fond memories, nor yearn to. The rest is in your head.  

Fitzpatrick is and was a sucky QB, and as an NFL leader/QB he's a loser. This is my feeling. 

But feel free to disagree and continue "love" him as you will. 

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30 minutes ago, Warfish said:

As opposed to you telling me who and what I should recall fondly? 

Respectfully, you can jog on with that faux-sensitivity, mate.

And all I said is that he was better than almost everything we've had since.  

And more fun to watch than pretty much everything we've had since.

And more productive and competitive than pretty much everything we've had since. 

Put another way, I am hoping (because it's no sure thing) that our beloved golden boy #1 draft pick that cost us 3x other picks to get and is now in his third year......can at least MATCH the fun and productivity of what Fitz produced in 2015.

I miss fun.  I miss productivity.  I miss being a top 10 offense.  I miss a QB who actually threatens the pathetic "best ever" Jets QB season production.

If you don't...ok. 

Weird.  But ok.


I didn't tell you whom you should look upon fondly, though you interpreted it that way (now twice). You do you. I'm saying I don't, and think it's pretty silly to fondly look back upon such a lost opportunity, but do what makes you happy. 

And you said a bit more than he was much better than almost everything we've had since. I don't even know that I agree, other than he had it stupidly easy that year. When the circumstances weren't so favorable (if not outright easy), he sucked.

The productivity was not him, but the circumstances around him. I'm not looking to re-hash in detail, but he sucked and pumped up numbers against trash thanks to those weak opponents (in some cases, severely weakened), two stud receivers, fair weather, generally good pass protection, a legit ground game, and solid defense). We won what, one game all year when the D/ST gave up >20 points, and that was against Jacksonville who only narrowly eclipsed that with a garbage late TD against a Bowles prevent. 

I don't look back at that season fondly myself, but rather as an opportunity lost by having such a flawed QB. But you do what makes you happy; you hardly need my permission.

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