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Ryan Fitzpatrick sees players gravitating to Tua Tagovailoa

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@Warfish I get why you look back fondly upon 2015.  You seem to have forgotten that he was here in 2016 too, made a whole bunch of money and blew donkeys.  McCown, and Darnold have been considerably better than 2016 Fitzpatrick, despite not having Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker or Quincy Enunwa. 

Doesn't he get any credit for that bottom 5 offense in 2016?

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18 minutes ago, Warfish said:

Brandon Marshall, who was horrible in 2016, and quickly out of the NFL afterwards, whose best year in the NFL was with Fitz?

Eric Decker, hurt all year in 2016, and quickly out of the NFL afterwards, whose best year in the NFL was with Fitz?

Those two all time greats? :-k 

Quincy Enunwa?  Seriously, lol.  A guy who is loved still by many Jets fans for a hell of alot less (at a hell of alot more cost) than Fitz, lol.

Yes, Fitz deserves alot of criticism for 2016, no doubt about it.  So does the GM, who penny pinched rather than signing Fitz (or not, that would have been valid too, but waiting to sign Fitz so late was fatal that year).  So does the God of Injuries, who screwed us in 2016 the same way he screwed us in 2019, you almost might think we have a Trainer issue with franchise as often as injuries is a killer for us.

McCown flat out wasn't a better QB.  That's just a laugh.  McCown was a cheaper, poor man's Fitz, after all.  A worse Journeyman.

It's all good, everyone hates the only QB who ever came close to exceeding Joe Namath for single-season production.  It's all his WR's (except is wasn't), it was all the easy schedule (just like 1969, oops, no one likes to talk about that do they), we're better off losing endlessly with McCown got it.  And Darnold is an all-time great already, got that too.

I side with keeping Fitz (over McCown), signing Cousins and drafting Deshaun Watson.  If I were GM, that's our QB's these past years.

You guys side with Geno, McCown and Darnold (without the three picks it took to get him).  I get it.  


This whole post is bullsh*t. 

Who are you lumping me in with?  My plans at QB aren't the same as others.  Pretty sure I was as high up the list as anyone that drafting a safety at 6 was a mistake, but if it makes you feel better knock yourself out.   You wanted to pay Firzpatrick, Cousins and Watson?  That is about as delusional as it gets.  

Fitzpatrick is a journeyman QB that had an excellent year in 2015.  He also had a horrific year in 2016.  You can blame the GM, but McCown and Darnold have not had weapons as good as what Fitzpatrick had in 2016.  Marshall carried Fitzpatrick in 2015.  He fell off in 2016.  Decker played 3 games.  Almost 100% of the snaps.  That's almost 20% of the year.   Enunwa played the full year.  Those guys were replaced for 2017 with the immortal Jermaine Kearse and the QB produced better numbers.  I guess you might get all excited over the return of 30 year old Jeremy Kerley?  I was not a huge fan of the Uncle Josh signing, but it was, at worst, a wash compared to Fitzpatrick.   

You can wax poetic about that stiff all you want, but before you go comparing him to Namath maybe you should check his line in the most important game of the season.  What stat do you like?  Under 50%, under 200 yards passing and 3 INTs. 17 points!  Remember, the Bills D was middle of the pack that year.   All hail the conquering hero! 


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