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16 hours ago, Maxman said:

So this guy has been banned several times. Politically I don't have a party but he posts a lot of right leaning stuff and tries to cause problems. For historical purposes his previous username list appears below.


Anyhow if he was a good writer, or funny, we could give him a little more rope. 

Jetstimeisnow ( erikyedwab@icloud.com ) said:

But I would like to address these allegations despite this guys failed attempt at humor. There is no evidence that Tom was ever my lover. He can't speak to this because of a non-compete, and nobody else has any proof. I mean it didn't happen, fake news. I meant to say the denial thing and not the non-compete \ no proof thing.

Really though, how unfunny is this guy? Pretty bad and sad. I blocked him so I won't see any future emails he sends through the contact form. He will sign up again under a new name and post more unfunny things. It takes one click for us to ban him though, so apparently he has a lot of time to waste.

I can attest that I have never used anyone of those names lol... I felt I needed to reply just in case being right leaning is going to get me banned one of these days lmao....


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5 minutes ago, Maxman said:

This guy getting banned wasn't a right or left issue. He was trolling, just poking at people to rile them up. He just isn't good at it so he fails.

I appreciate that but no thanks. I have told the story many times about realizing how important this site was to me when Scout called. 2020 is a nice reminder, there are still really big plans for this place. No desire to sell it.

I know, I was just having some fun with you.... I appreciate all you do for this site.

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