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56 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

There's certainly correlation when it comes to travel, as UntouchableCrew points out:



West coast trips don't pan out well for the Jets (or anyone), historically.  

Meanwhile, while we don't know how tough the schedule will be in 2020 with certainty, we DO know the Jets had the easiest schedule in the NFL last season, statistically.  So those who continue to press the point that going 7-9 was impressive last season need to factor the low schedule strength into the equation when evaluating how good the team was last year and when projecting future performance.

We faced Dwayne Haskins, Daniel Jones, Pittsburgh's 3rd-string QB and Buffalo's 2nd string offense last season.  That was 25 % of the schedule right there.  PLUS Dallas was heavily injured the week we faced them.  Do you expect the schedule to get any easier than that?  Mahomes, Wilson, Murray, Lock, Goff, Rivers....there's a lot of tough QB's on the schedule in '20.  We face not 1 but both Super Bowl participants from last season.

Those who think this is a playoff team are going to be sorely disappointed.  This is still a bottom 5 roster, and our top 3 draft picks from the 2020 class (Becton, Mims, Davis) all play positions that will require time to develop.

2021 will be the Jets' time.  Not 2020.

Wow.  Great post. 

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8 hours ago, Gangrene said:

Without a preseason to gel, I can see the O line being at best work in progress or a month until they can figure things out. I imagine NFL Defenses are going to have a jump on NFL offenses at the start of the season.

I read somewhere...a football writer suggesting that Perriman will initially struggle to adapt to Gase's offense. His point was that Perriman struggles to learn a new system. I have no opinion on his theory, I hope the writer is wrong. How much impact we can expect from Perriman and Mims in 2020 may be limited.

Having the pass catching Bell in better shape and a healthy Herndon hopefully compensates somewhat for the loss of Anderson.


Damn I hope this season happens, mediocre or not.

I was initially excited about Darnold having a huge breakout year and frankly would still expect it if the Jets actually did upgrade the OL and didn’t lose his top weapon.

We would have to get very lucky with at least two rookies playing at a high level their first year...which most of us know is very unlikely.

I wouldn’t expect much from Sam this year and that’s on JD’s choices as much as anyone else’s.

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