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This season is an anomaly, no one knows how it will go. Our division isn't that good, in fact, the entire NFL isn't that good anymore. 

Most games are decided by turnovers, so if Sam Darnold turns the corner & quicklygets comfortable with all his new toys who knows? 

His statistics last year & his successful games correlated exactly to the time he was afforded in the pocket. You can't run any offense with your QB running for his life. Perriman + Mims + Crowder + Herndon is a huge upgrade in size & strength than last year. Everything rides on the Oline cohesion early. If Darnold gets time, Bell, Gore & Perrine can find holes, this team can score on anyone. 

If we found a diamond in the rough with Cager at 6-5" for the Redzone, along with the return of Herndon that's Night & day from last year with Sam trying to pinpoint the smaller Crowder & the soft stick figure Anderson last year in the Redzone. 

A lot of Ifs but we've seen other teams have great drafts & turn the team around, why not us? I'll continue to believe JD had the best draft here since the Dbrick, Mangold draft. Unlike many fans here I think Sam Darnold will be a star with a good Oline & skill players around him. Look at the best QBs in the league & they all have go to WRs, or at least 1 star. 

Rogers has Adams, Watson had Hopkins, Dak has Cooper, Mahomes has Hill, Brees has Thomas. 

Plus Jet fans sh*t on Gase playcalling but bitch about how bad the Oline was? Or how many injuries we had? I always hear, Kyle Shanahan SETS up plays like playing chess, setting up his next move. How the hell can you set up plays if every other play has your QB running for his life, or RBs getting cut down 2/3 yards in the backfield putting you behind the sticks in down & distance? 

Hell, Shottenheimer looked decent when he had a top Oline, 2 good WRs & 2 good RBs, with a raw Sanchez in 2010. You look at the Oline that Carson Wentz played behind his 1st two years as a starter & then look at crap that Darnold started his career behind. 11 Oline changes last year, ELEVEN!!!

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