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So, there seems to be only 4 realistic starting OL combos now

Starting Offensive Line  

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  1. 1. The most likely combo for the Jets' starting offensive line in Game 1 of the 2020 season is......

    • OPTION 1
    • OPTION 2
    • OPTION 3
    • OPTION 4
    • Some other option
  2. 2. The Jets best backup offensive lineman in 2020 will be.......

    • Jonotthan Harrison 6"4" 300 Florida (C/G)
    • Cameron Clark 6'3" 308 Richmond (G/T)
    • Chuma Edoga 6'3" 308 USC (T)
    • Conor McDermott 6'8" 305 UCLA (G/T)
    • Someone Else

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LT Fant

LG Lewis

C McDermott

RG Van Roten

RT Becton

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1 hour ago, bitonti said:

Van Roten has never played RT or even RG where he's projected to replace Winters

Alex Lewis does have RT experience with Baltimore fwiw

Van Roten is a natural left guard/center which would make RG perhaps a McDermott/Clark whoever wants it type of free for all 

Fant at RT everyone assumes is a done deal but the dude is not really a RT 



Someone has to play RG

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1 hour ago, playtowinthegame said:

You are currently rating the Jets 2020 offensive line the worst in the league? I am no o-line expert, but I think they're better than that @bitonti

Giants, Patriots, Cardinals, Dolphins are all way worse just off the top of my head

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1 hour ago, bitonti said:

based on what exactly

every team got healthier 

every team drafted and added etc. 

teams don't replace 4 out of 5 starters because they are good

keep in mind this is a running tally and gets updated every week based on injury 

after 4 weeks playing together they get full cohesion etc 

this is where they are right now 

Giants and Patriots have had starters opt out and weren’t good to begin with.  Cardinals OL isn’t good.  Dolphins OL isn’t good

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2 minutes ago, bitonti said:

The Jets don't have a Joe Thuney 

cards and fins are similar but they are all pretty bad units

it's not like the Jets are brimming with elite talent

they just made the most changes and the model penalizes that in the short run 

i think it's fair to expect a brand new line 4 out of 5 guys to need time to gel 

and this year they aren't really getting that time 

Thuney is overrated.  Let’s see him without Scarnechia coaching him up and the refs looking the other way when he holds on 3rd and long

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On 8/6/2020 at 5:17 PM, bitonti said:

perhaps the onus should be on you to make the case that the Jets line is good rather than the contrary

what evidence do we have that it's better? The investment is positive it also shows how bad it got that much investment was required at once

 George Fant at RT i am not convinced. last year JD signed Ryan Kalil for 8 mil how did that fa signing go? 

they have interesting new left tackle who is incredibly raw they have a solid steady eddy center and a RT battle. the only returning starter is Lewis at LG. Conor McDermott is the only RG with RG experience on the roster. GVR, Andrews and Harrison have never played RG before 

it's just a ton of turnover for any team 

half the board by the way wants Becton to start at RT 

i do believe they will not end the year at 32nd but there's too much uncertainty for this to be considered a decent or even good line 

We have 4 different starters this season including a 1st round pick who is the biggest player in the nfl who has the same 40 time as Brick who was 80 lbs lighter


Neither of us knows how the jet OL is but to say it’s as bad as last year is very ESPNey of you

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