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So, there seems to be only 4 realistic starting OL combos now

Starting Offensive Line  

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  1. 1. The most likely combo for the Jets' starting offensive line in Game 1 of the 2020 season is......

    • OPTION 1
    • OPTION 2
    • OPTION 3
    • OPTION 4
    • Some other option
  2. 2. The Jets best backup offensive lineman in 2020 will be.......

    • Jonotthan Harrison 6"4" 300 Florida (C/G)
    • Cameron Clark 6'3" 308 Richmond (G/T)
    • Chuma Edoga 6'3" 308 USC (T)
    • Conor McDermott 6'8" 305 UCLA (G/T)
    • Someone Else

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27 minutes ago, TheClashFan said:

I voted for Edoga as best back up. Just a wild guess, of course, but he did start some at both RT and LT last year. If he's worked hard this offseason, he could be a quality backup.

Edoga is interesting.  Sure he kind of sucked last year, but he didn't look any worse than Shell did as a rookie and people were ready to give that guy a decade as a starter.  Shell made less mistakes as a rookie, but he played limited snaps at RT and was consistently covered by a TE.  Edoga looked bad at times, but they left him alone at LT.  I think Gase/Loggains was much less risk averse on O than Bowles multitude of OCs.  PFF did like Shell way more, FWIW, and as a 3rd from USC not (University of South Carolina) he should have been more ready as a rookie.

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On 8/5/2020 at 12:08 PM, Beerfish said:

Fant anywhere on  the oline for me:



I actually like Fant.  I thought he was a nice pick-up as desperation LT, even if they did give him a bunch of money.  I think he was better than people (like you) rated him in Seattle and was willing to give Douglas the benefit of the doubt on that one.  I was totally on board with picking WR in the first and then revamping our the right side with Wilson and Lewis later in the draft.  Good thing they didn't, cause Wilson went at 29 and we'd have been stuck.  I could be totally wrong about Fant, but that was my general feeling.  I don't think he is such a hot fit as a prospect for RT.

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11 minutes ago, Warfish said:

Doesn't matter.

This guy here, that guy there, whatever.

They can't be worse than what we fielded last year.

Alex, what are things people said in August 2019? 

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5 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

Has Van Roten ever played RT?

All the film I've seen has him a LT with Carolina.


You mean LG, right?  Seems like another play to the whistle guy.  Interesting that they'd have him mic'd up.  I haven't paid attention to that sh*t lately, but didn't they only used to do that for stars and trash talkers?  Van Roten doesn't seem like either.  Seems like the type of guy that is good to have on the team, but we probably won't love him as a starter.

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@bitonti, you really like Pollack?  Are those coach ranking related to offensive line coaches only?   I did not have a good feeling about Pollack based on his last stint, but I guess he is well respected.  FWIW I liked Dennison better.  Seems you may have them ranked the same.

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