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Benigno can't stop talking about drafting Trevor Lawrence and it's asinine

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1 minute ago, jetscrazey said:

I would not trade Josh Allen for Darnold.  Allen has benefitted from a much better o-line and roster.  That's the main difference.  His coach also seems better.  But if you put Josh Allen on this team you'd have the same amount of losing, maybe even more.

As for Lamar Jackson, yeah he's better now but a guy with that skill set usually has a short shelf-life, so in 7 years when Darnold is just 30 with some good years left and Jackson is on the back end of his run, we may be glad in the end.  Jackson still has 0 titles, remember.

I agree.  Love fans on here who kill Sanchez who won 4 playoff games in two years and reached two AFC Championship games:  "yeah but he had great teams - not because of him".  Same fans are all pining for Allen now.  Crazy.

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