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Benigno can't stop talking about drafting Trevor Lawrence and it's asinine

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5 minutes ago, bitonti said:

Josh Allen has elite arm strength, plus speed and plus size. He's durable, starting all 16 games last year. The bills do not have better weapons, they are no-names on offense (not exactly Julio Jones or whatever). 

Sam Darnold has basic attributes compared to Allen and hasn't made it through a season healthy yet 

Lamar Jackson is a winner and the Ravens didn't need to mortgage 3 2nd rounders for him 

As for Darnold 7 years from now why would we expect the Jets to pay for a Rich Gannon like career track? Yeah he might be good a decade from now, how many teams will he have gone through by then? He's going to need an extension and soon 

he's done nothing to earn it. He's 3-9 vs playoff teams. 

in fact the "ghosts" game on MNF Belly showed the leagues better defense how to beat Darnold. 

here's a hot take on Darnold it's all over but the crying. Start James Morgan. 

Isn't your expertise on the football field OLine? I respect your opinion but aside from OLine your evaluations for other positions are all ovet the place.

You say that the Bills have the same talent on offensive as the Jets. How exactly? Even before the Diggs trade they had 3 reliable receivers, a above average OLine and a top 5 Defense to support them. Which one of these things did Sam have? They have little star power but as a whole the Bills are a good team.

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