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Benigno can't stop talking about drafting Trevor Lawrence and it's asinine

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In the end, I believe Sam Darnold is going to prove all of the doubters wrong.

It cannot be overstated how poor of a supporting cast Darnold had around him in his first two seasons.  When Darnold has not played, the Jets are 0-6 which is an accurate representation of one of the worst teams in the league.  The running game has been non-existent, the offensive line has been as bad as I have ever witnessed in my decades of watching football, and the skill position players have left much to be desired.  He is the most pressured quarterback in the NFL.

Despite all of the factors going against him, Darnold managed to hold his own and improved in every major statistical category in his second year.  Most other quarterbacks would have crumbled (mentally and physically) by now.  He is hanging in there and continues to progress.  He went toe to toe with Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck as a rookie, and he beat a far superior Dallas Cowboys team last year.  I expect such examples to continue in the years to come and become more consistent occurrences as he gains experience.

I firmly believe that if Joe Douglas puts a legitimate team around Darnold he is going to prove to be a legitimately great quarterback both statistically and in terms of wins.  The sky is the limit.

My biggest concern right now is the injuries and illnesses.  He has yet to play a full 16 game season, and he seems to have a knack for some peculiar injuries, albeit minor.  He needs to stay on the field and continue to shine as the team around him is improved.

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20 hours ago, TheNuuFaaolaExperience said:

I am not sold on Darnold. When I see him put the team on his back, I will be sold. 

Since drafting Darnold, the Jets are 0-6 when he doesn't play.  They are 11-14 when he plays.  It doesn't get much more black and white in terms of one player putting a team on his back.

His numbers are far from great.  His record is sub .500.  But he has been carrying a team that talent wise may be the worst in the NFL and is doing his best to give them a puncher's chance.

Things need to be analyzed with some perspective.

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15 minutes ago, bitonti said:

this speaks more to the lack of a backup Qb plan than any sort of endorsement of Darnold 

Three of those losses were with Josh McCown, who was widely considered a middle of the road veteran back up, and he had some mild success with the Jets the previous season.  In one of those losses they had Trevor Siemian, an experienced former starter, and he couldn't survive the first half of play (another testament to the type of abuse Darnold has had to deal with).

You have to admit that the roster around Darnold in his first two seasons has been utter garbage.  There is no doubt he needs to improve, but the circumstances to date must be taken into account when he is being evaluated.  Without Darnold, the Jets may be the worst team in the league.  He is the only reason they had a puncher's chance the past two years.

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16 minutes ago, bitonti said:

a guy who has that much draft capital invested in him doesn't also get to have a perfect roster

I don't have anything personal against the guy, he's just not that good

I don't think anyone is expecting a perfect roster.  How about "not the worst in the league?"  Putting an NFL worthy offensive line in front of him would be a good start.

Time will tell whether he is good, great, or bad.  The jury is still out.  I just think it's silly to write him off at this point considering the circumstances.  Personally, I think most quarterbacks would have crumbled (physically and/or mentally) by now.  He hasn't lit the world on fire, but he has managed to hold his own.

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36 minutes ago, bitonti said:

He's not made it through 16 game season, how is that holding up physically?

Jets fans have such a low bar for Darnold. 

Holding his own isn't enough for 3 overall and 3 2nd rounders.  

He's supposed to light the world on fire. 

Not making it through a 16 game season is my biggest complaint and concern thus far.  He has to prove he can stay healthy.

If you are going to use 3rd overall as part of the cost, then you can't throw in the three second rounders.  If you want to use the three second rounders, then the cost was really 6th overall and three second rounders.

You can judge him using whatever criteria you'd like.  Personally, I don't think it's realistic to expect anyone to light the world on fire considering the state of the Jets in 2018 and 2019.

Let's see what he can do moving forward with a potentially better team built around him.  The Jets biggest weakness in my eyes was the offensive line.  Right now, all we can definitively say is that it's different.  Whether or not it is better is yet to be determined.  In my opinion, the only place they can go is up because the Jets offensive line play the past two seasons has been the worst I have witnessed in my three decades of watching football.

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