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Benigno can't stop talking about drafting Trevor Lawrence and it's asinine

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13 hours ago, joewilly12 said:

IF there is an NFL season in 2020 and IF Sam Darnold fails to deliver a decent season and numbers, the NY Jets do not have a choice but to consider it. 


If the Jets win only the one to three games it would take to pick first, the Jets should seriously think about ceasing to be a football team

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On 8/5/2020 at 6:29 PM, Beerfish said:


Sitting on a park bench 
eyeing little girls with bad intent. 
Snot running down his nose 
greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes. 





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9 hours ago, yvj said:

I really like Sam but if you are in position to draft a potential franchise QB (this doesn't ,mean breaking one's back giving up picks for him) unless you have Mahomes you do it.

So you dont think that Sam is a potential FQB, because if he is you dont do it.

Makes no sense to do it if you believe.

And its apparent that JD does 

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2 hours ago, artemusclyde said:

Depends on this year, JD could easily replace him if we end up with a top 5 pick.

No he can’t, you can’t easily replace a FQB drafted 2 years ago for a #1 pick in the 2021 draft.  No one is moving out of the one spot if they need a QB and they probably will, it’s usually why you’re picking 1st.  If not the cost to move up will be too much for a team that just isn’t sure about their QB as opposed to doesn’t have a QB.  Huge difference 

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8 hours ago, yvj said:

If Sam is better you can always trade the prospect

So you waste this years draft to trade the pick to use the picks, if you get them back, a couple of years down the road?


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17 minutes ago, bitonti said:

The point of the Jets is not to win games. They exist, get beat and collect the money. Winning doesn't pay more than starving the roster


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Whatever, you cry about money all the time.  

Whats the point of watching major pro sports?  They all make money, especially football.  So, what's newsworthy there?

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13 minutes ago, bitonti said:

the NFL is a communism dividing all 32 teams equal 

we only know this because the city of Green Bay has open books 

the point of pro sports is because generally anything can happen. It's the realest reality show. Phoenix Suns go 6-0 in a bubble restart. 

the Jets starving the roster, trading their best players, we know what's going to happen. This team doesn't have a Devin Booker and if they did, they would have traded him by now. 

talk about crying I want the Jets to win but this place is far too optimistic about the chances of this happening.

I'm not going to win any miss congeniality awards but this could be the worst season for a while 

they travel 31000 miles. They play the SB champs and the SB runners up. They fly to the west coast 3 times. 

Darnold Busts, Gase gets fired, they win 4 games

Change my mind 


The Jets traded away one player who wanted to hold them hostage to renegotiate the contract he signed in good faith with no one twisting his arm

He did everything a player can do to get his ass traded.  He insulted and criticized the owner, the GM and his HC.

Your theory that this is some kind of proof beyond what any team would do in that situation causes you to fail on your money angle

As far as the schedule, I've seen it and yes it looks tough today.  Ive watched a lot more football than you have but still you should realize that the schedule today isnt always the same bear is seems when it actually plays out.  So we'll see is the approach here.  

Have no idea what this has to do with my original response to your post about money but fine.  

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18 hours ago, Philc1 said:

Thank God I’m a Yankees fan

Thats what all Mets fans say about you too


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21 hours ago, bitonti said:

the New York Football Jets, being 30 million dollars under the cap, are among teams like WAS and CLE in top 5 cap space. These are not winning franchises. 

Spending money is not the only key to winning but if you can't even spend to the floor 2 years out of every 4 you're hamstringing the chances before the season starts. 

there's no reason for the Jets to operate like the Pittsburgh Pirates by the way. They aren't a "Small market" team but this board seems to rejoice every time a player gets cut, or signs a 1 year deal.  there were many who saw the CJ opt out as a great cap opportunity to cut Q enunwa. 

winning in the NFL is extremely difficult. there's 31 losers and 1 winner every year 

a team like the Jets to leave this much unspent, to use their cap space on cuts, are confining themselves to the scrap heap before it even starts. at least for 2020

and truth of the matter I don't believe the word "REBUILD" means anything in the NFL. Career lengths are 3 years you don't rebuild you reload. All rebuilding makes sure of is a culture of losing.  the Jets have been rebuilding since Rex and while it's nice to imagine some sort of juggernaut built by JD in 2022 the reality is they will probably have another new QB and another new HC by then

it's the endless rebuild

this isn't hollywood there isn't going to be a Major League like scenario where Vyncynt Smith is actually Willy Mays Hayes

they will stink because the ownership are not financially committed to winning 

is that clear enough, sir? :)

And like I responded to your other posts trying to make the Jets cheap theyre nowhere on the list of teams that spent the least over the past 6 seasons so your point is just as wrong today as it was last time you made the erroneous point.  I dont know how to explain it to you again.  This year we have space under the cap.  Happens but youre trying to make it a financial play as opposed to sometimes it works out that way or theyre planning for the future.

You have no clue what youre talking about money wise.  Sorry, that just the way it is


So, take a minute and hazard a guess as to which owners you believe have spent the least on actual payroll the past four seasons. Make a list of who you figure are the six lowest-spending teams in the NFL from 2016-19.

OK, are you ready? Here are the actual bottom spenders, culled from NFLPA salary numbers, over that span (rounded to the nearest thousand).

Cowboys: $634,379,000
Texans: $646,479,000
Bills: $648,442,000
Colts: $654,999,000
Chargers: $658,299,000
Ravens: $678,220,000
Browns: $687,708,000

That is your bottom 20 percent in spending in the league in that time frame...I'd presume seeing Jerah's World at the bottom of this list would surprise some people (and seeing the Ravens that low as well probably would too, since their annual woes with the salary cap have become a narrative).

I'll bet for the 2nd time the cheap angle ends with this and you go ghost. 



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7 hours ago, bitonti said:

The bills do not have better weapons, they are no-names on offense (not exactly Julio Jones or whatever).

You really need to study the game if you the Bills dont have better weapons


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8 hours ago, bitonti said:

my predictions have been really good since I stopped believing in the team 

I wanted Mahomes instead of Adams, people forget that year 

Seriously, I dont remember a single prediction you've made thats come through

I do remember you pumping Gholston. That he was going to break out 

I do remember you arguing with me that RAnderson would never last a full season in the NFL, that he wasn't built to play football

I just cant remember the call to draft Mahomes at 6, before the draft 


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1 hour ago, bitonti said:

I think Morgan could win this job in an open competition. Because darnold stinks.

But there won't be any such competition, so Morgan will wait until Sam gets hurt. Which happens every year. At which point Sam will be wally pipped.

Remember that jd didn't pick darnold or gase and has no special loyalty to either. He did pick James Morgan tho

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When was Darnold hurt last year?

Viruses are injuries, theyre viruses.  

Hes had one injury that has kept him out of games, maybe.  Even the foot injury his rookie year is questionable.  Many thought it was an excuse to give him a couple of weeks to sit back and watch. 

I know all about who JD picked and how 22 year old FQBs who were taken top 5 arent replaced with a day two QB because a fan on a message board says it.  I wanted Morgan, called for him right before his name was called, but he was drafted by JD to back up Darnold.  No one in the Jets FO is looking to replace Darnold because he was drafted by Macc.  

Unlike those who after two years have forgotten that Sam was considered and for good reason. That you think hes got average talent, that you cant see the size, speed and arm to be a top QB just makes you another instant gratification seeking fan.  


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