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Sam Darnold looking good in camp

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18 minutes ago, Trolly McTrollface said:

It’s time for the now 3rd annual edition of “”Sam is looking good in camp” thread,Huh?

I’m sure if I take the time to look, I’ll find the usual “Sam is throwing darts with Jordan Palmer in Cali” thread preceding this one by about three weeks?

Has it been 3 years already? Seems like just yesterday 

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26 minutes ago, GreenCow said:

I’m not sure. I don’t have the stats on that. I know he had a winning record last year though. 

That’s all that matters for at least a few years. Then you have to make that leap to playoff success. The playoffs and regular season are two very different animals. Lamar Jackson learned that lesson this year. 

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3 hours ago, GreenCow said:

For the 10th time, I never said it was a good thing not to reach 300 yards.

Thats something you made up in your head.

I literally never said it.

The tactic you’re employing is calling a Straw Man.

Youre mischaracterize what I said and then attempting to attack the mischaracterization. 

I also have not been “called out” for using stats incorrectly.

Ive used them properly the entire time, people just aren’t reading what I’m writing.

Just like you, above, thinking I said that it’s good not to reach 300 yards.

Those words never came out of my mouth.


I said it statistically does not matter whether you reach 300 yards.

People have a hard time reading on this forum.

Speaking of post-season, QB’s that threw for over 300 yards in the postseason last year were 2-4 in the playoffs.

Both Super Bowl QB’s threw for under 300 yards, including Mahomes.

Now, for the 11th time, If a given statistic ends up in losses half of the time, then the statistic doesn’t really show that its a common factor in winning. At best, it’s neutral.


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@slats If he comes back with the screen name Greenhamburgers, I’m calling dibs now. 

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