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1 hour ago, HawkeyeJet said:

This is what is really hard for me to decipher with him.  In my opinion, I thought he played very well up until this point. Definitely played the best ball of any of our CBs up to that point.

Then he makes the mistake in the Steelers game and is riding the pine the rest of the year.

So that makes me think one of a few things(or maybe a combo of a few) happened with him. 1) He didn't play as well leading up to that as I thought. 2). He had played well, but in other plays or practices he made a bad habit of breaking assignment that weren't as noticable to the fans, but this was the final straw and message had to be sent.  3). He has some sort of attitude issue that gives him a shorter leash.

I will be very curious where he ends up on the depth chart this year.

It’s was almost certainly 1 - coaches in the NFL play their best players.  They might make a point with a series or two. But they don’t have their best players sitting for games.  

he has potential for sure but that’s all it is for now. 

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