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These are type of guys that if they turn the corner you go from having an average defense into a top 10 defense. 

You have a guy like Bless with his length & athletic ability grab the #1 spot & perform at a high level, now the dominos fall where these other guys are fighting for those spots remaining & they are no longer matched up with the opponents best WR. 

On NFL live, Mike Tannenbaum claimed Miami would have the best defense in football. Obviously Damien Woody & the other guys chose Buffalo. We've seen other teams with late picks & UDFAs like Seattle come out of nowhere in their secondary. Why not us for a change? We have some awesome athleticism back there now & GW has a pretty deep group to cull out the best for his scheme. JD drafted Ashtyn  Davis & Bryce Hall, added Carter, Guidry & Jackson as UDFAs. You still have Maye, Poole, Desir. Should be interesting what guys shine as our future building blocks to finally start competing for the playoffs. 

Its kind of fun to get young! So tired of the old free agents cashing in every year & disappointing. 


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