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2 hours ago, Trolly McTrollface said:

If you remember when we got him, talent was never the question, it was his knees.

I want to say he had ACL surgery on both of them in consecutive years? There was also talk that he wouldn’t play at all in 19, but like you said, he looked pretty good when he did.

The one thing I can’t remember though was if he ever got back in the rotation after getting benched by GW. I want to say that was against the Ravens?

It was the Steelers at the end of the first half. He guessed wrong on a 2 minute drill int and they went right over him for a touchdown. He didn't start again the rest of the season.

BUT, it could very well be a great learning lesson for him. He showed tons of potential once he got into the lineup. Man is his specialty, and he's a perfect fit for what Williams does on defense, so if that benching motivated him and humbled him a bit, he could be great.

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2 hours ago, HawkeyeJet said:

This is what is really hard for me to decipher with him.  In my opinion, I thought he played very well up until this point. Definitely played the best ball of any of our CBs up to that point.

Then he makes the mistake in the Steelers game and is riding the pine the rest of the year.

So that makes me think one of a few things(or maybe a combo of a few) happened with him. 1) He didn't play as well leading up to that as I thought. 2). He had played well, but in other plays or practices he made a bad habit of breaking assignment that weren't as noticable to the fans, but this was the final straw and message had to be sent.  3). He has some sort of attitude issue that gives him a shorter leash.

I will be very curious where he ends up on the depth chart this year.

The benching was only for the rest of that game and the Buffalo game after. So just 1.5 games. I'm thinking it was simply using it as a learning moment.

Regardless of the reason, I'm still excited to see what he can do, granted he's back in GW's good graces.

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