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Injury Update; Mims, Poole & Desir

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Adam Gase

NY Jets head coach Adam Gase spoke to the media on Saturday and gave this injury update.

I’ll start with the injury report. (Denzel) Mims was out with the hamstring, (Vyncint) Smith with the core, (Connor) McDermott with the knee, (Cameron) Clark with the shoulder, (Pierre) Desir with the hamstring, (Brian) Poole with the dehydration, (Matthias) Farley with the hamstring, (James) Burgess, low back, (Jordan) Willis with the knee, Jabari (Zuniga) with the quad, (Bronson) Kaufusi with the hamstring. (John) Franklin-Myers was held out today with a groin, and then Josh Adams went out of practice today with a hamstring. Patrick (Onwuasor) went out with a knee, I’m not sure if you guys saw that towards the end of practice. And then, good news, Ryan (Griffin), Dan (Daniel Brown) and Avery (Williamson), all three were able to participate in individual today coming off PUP, which was good to see. Hopefully we’re going to get some more guys back this week, sounds like we will. So, today was a good start as far as how competitive the guys were. Unfortunately, we had a couple more guys go down, but this is kind of the part of training camp where we’re going to have injuries, we’ve got push through, next-man-up mentality, this is where it starts.

Brian Costello from the NY Post asked about getting Mims ready for the regular season.

We’re just going to have to put it in fast forward and do everything we can, we can get him as ready as possible. We’ve just got to get him ready to go. It is what it is with training camp and when you have an injury, we just have less time to do it.

When Kim Jones followed up and asked about the chance of Mims doing individual drills over the next few days, Gase’s answer was encouraging.

We’re obviously shooting for that. Hopefully we can get him back sooner than later, it’s just I don’t want to put a prediction on a soft tissue injury because all it takes is, he’s running one day, he goes and cuts and it doesn’t feel right and then it could set you back a couple days. I don’t want to jinx it.

Adam Gase also confirmed that Bronson Kaufusi has moved to tight end when he was asked about it by Brian Costello.

We moved him to tight end. He was he was killing us on scouting last year and he’s a guy that we feel like gives us a lot of flexibility. One, we felt like he could learn the position. We felt like that we could develop a role for him. And then at the same time, he’s a guy that if we ever got in trouble, and he was on the roster, and he was a tight end, if we had numbers go down on the defensive line, we know he could always go back over there and play a little two-way football.

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