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Training Camp Tweets 8/26 *SCRIMMAGE EDITION


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1 minute ago, Scoop24 said:


If bell isnt  getting 15-25 carries a game where wasting his talent and the money where paying him. 

I think his skill set = total touches. He needs to be catching the ball. I’ve accounted for that opinion in my breakdown of touches.

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if the Oline protects, Gase makes a good game plan (I heard he is an offensive genius) and Sam plays like a franchise QB, even with injuries the offense with Crowder, Hogan, Bell, Herndon, Gore, Perrine, Wesco and Griffin should be able to move the ball and score points.  if you add in a as a deep threat a healthy Perriman and Mims maybe they can surprise (a lot needs to go right which I know is not ideal)

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Not sure if this requires a separate thread, but with all the talk about WR health I've been thinking more importantly may be how with this situation this year with the QBs as far as the depth chart and how we keep what is best short and long term. Obviously Darnold and Flacco are locks so that's 2 spots and at most we would keep 3 on the 53 man roster, but in this pandemic year what else can we do to keep possibly 2 more. White seems to be beating out Fales for the 3rd spot, but other than trying to stash Morgan on the PS squad, is there any other way to protect him other then totally misrepresenting him as having an injury to go on PUP/IR?.

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