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Jamal Adams Took a Dump

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9 hours ago, Philc1 said:

Maybe Adams should demand his $120 million extension be paid in rupees?

What a fatmouth idiot that guy is. So here's what happened, Phil. We had a semi-discussion about Adams on another board. Well, I actually said some coherent things and you yelled at me like Larry Hogue, The Wild Man of 96th Street. Anyway, the Jets finally kicked Jamal Adams in his ass, which you were mildly averse to.  The moral of the story is the next time I say, "Simon says kick him in his ass", you should either listen, or even start kicking yourself.

Good exercise, shed some lock down pounds, grade A alternative to yoga classes full of social distancing faux meditating middle-aged sandal-wearing flakes. The only good part of that scene is the social distancing minus the yoga and faux meditation, but 6 feet isn't hardly far enough away. I need at least a couple of football fields in between so I don't lose my temper and start flailing. I guess at the end of the day if I Ianded some incidental punches it would be kind of a wash. Anyway, you should thank me, but I'm guessing you're too much of an ingrate. 

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