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Kalen Ballage


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Dolphins 4th rounder from 2018 being cut.  Had a fair rookie season under Gase/Loggains and fell of a cliff in 2019.  He was atrocious, 1.8 yards per carry over 70+ carries and I think there is a  video of him on JN  of him ducking when the ball comes at him.  

RB is one of the few places I am not looking for an upgrade and his lack of college production doesn't fit the general Joe Douglas (Donnell Pumphrey) mold, but I wonder what the coaches think of him and if think they can get anything out of him.  Being bad in pass pro was apparently a big issue and maybe he is just one of those knuckleheads that never gets it. 

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11 minutes ago, Samtorobby47 said:

ryan reynolds scrubs GIF

I don’t get this at all. Idc if it’s for a 2030 7th round pick, completely pointless trade to do. Especially with Bell, Gore, Perine. 

Maybe this will get JD raring to go and trade for WR?. After a few more practices some of us may have to be camp bodies for Darnold to throw to and with the Jets WR depth we may even make the team.

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4 minutes ago, sec101row23 said:

Hopefully the pick is conditional if he makes the roster.  Otherwise I don’t get it.  

Gotta be a 6th or 7th conditional. figure this is bell and gores 1 year with the team?  then you just have perine and then i think back half is that kid from monmouth they just signed and josh adams who is banged up.  figure ballage a 4th guy you can put maybe even on the practice squad, maybe he's good on specials, and eventually can develop and help out next year if both gore and bell are gone. 

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1 minute ago, CTJetsFan said:

If that were the case and it was for a top WR (let's say Allen Robinson as the Bears lost Montgomery for a few weeks), what would guys think about that?

Would leave us with Gore, Perine and Ballage at RB

The ONLY way trading Bell makes any sense is if it's for a guy like Robinson. But Montgomery is reportedly only out 2-4 weeks and it's not like the Bears have a ton of depth at WR so I doubt that happens. 

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This might actually be more of a Special Teams move after the team let Trenton Cannon go...


In 2019, Ballage had 88 touches for 198 and three touchdowns.

He played 344 offensive snaps and 292 on special teams in his two-year career with Miami.



Maybe some returning as well as kick and punt coverage?

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