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NFL Players Considering Strike

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Multiple prominent Black NFL players are considering going on strike for a game to express their dissatisfaction with the current treatment of people in their community and to force change and action, according to Jim Trotter of NFL Media.

"They are tired, frustrated and emotional. It’s only a few at this point, but sparks become flames & flames become infernos," wrote Trotter.

Trotter warned that "NFL owners should be careful."

Troy Vincent of the NFL league office believes it could happen.

"If we're not expecting this is going to happen, then we're not living in reality," said Vincent.

"We saw the young men in Detroit and Seattle and today in Washington. ... We've just got so much work to do."

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They all just have a bad case of FOMO. All these NBA,MLB and even NHL players got attention for not playing and now their jealous. 

What are they going to do, strike and then play the next week which will effectively just push the season off one week.... Actually that may give the Jets WRs time to heal so maybe it's a good idea after all.

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