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Mehki Becton buys 400K necklace

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Can somebody forward this article to him/his agent: https://www.investopedia.com/financial-edge/0312/why-athletes-go-broke.aspx      

I haven’t worn a necklace since 1988.  SAR I

I believe that TMZ is Satan and if you follow, watch or subscribe to it you are a Satan Worshipper. 

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It’s not like it will lose value. I’m more concerned with the target he is going to be



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He IS a BIG target. I never understood the bling thing... Just don't get it. Dude be like 'that's right ... Look at me now bitches' ... Please watch MC Hammer ... Where are they now.


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And this was my second. Not like gold and diamonds are going down in value any time soon. As dumb as it looks, it's smarter than buying a $400K car. 

Hell, I spent more money on a house for one of my least favorite women of all time, and I'll never have Becton money. 

I'll take the aventor thank you ... Every day of the week.


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