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Scott Dierking

Wilpon's stupidity cost them $250m in value

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8 hours ago, Scott Dierking said:

The Arod/JLo group tried everything to curry the highest favor by:

-Promoting that JLO would be fronting the team ,thus encouraging that a minority (woman and latino) would be the face of the org.

-Shilling that Jeffy could still have a huge job in the org.

-Trying to gain exclusivity by forcing them to engage with them solo, trying to get the jump on Cohen, only to have that backfire.

Imagine being so toxic (Arod) that the Mets had decided that working with Steve Cohen, whom Jeffy hated personally, paid penalties for supposed insider trading and had discrimination suits against, is considered to be a better solution. 

This tells you what baseball as a whole thinks of ARod.

Would not mind Sandy as an advisor. Can help Cohen show Brodie the door.

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