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The Crimson King

RIP Tom Seaver

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6 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

Same here CB ūüė©

He was my first hero, a dominant pitcher and a class act.  

Too bad the Wilpons didn't erect his statue as promised while he was still alive.  

He deserves  it.

Why did they renege?  Well first and foremost it would have cost them money haha, but any other reasons?

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3 hours ago, Wonderboy said:

There was only one Tom Seaver. Never will baseball see the likes of someone like Seaver. ¬†I have¬†been¬†a diehard Mets fan since 1965. ¬†They were beyond terrible. I mean embarrassingly bad. But then out of the blue, in 1967 emerged this kid. Sturdy, consistent, accurate, constrained, focused, talented beyond any Met fan has ever witnessed. ¬†The franchise was totally transformed. ¬†Immediately, the Mets had entered a new dimension. They were no longer the joke of MLB, even if it was just once every 5 days. I¬†was 12 in ‚Äė69 when the Mets shocked the universe. Seaver was like the Pope. The city was electric. It was on¬†fire. Never had NYC felt such insane emotion and love for a sports team. ¬†Seaver was their captain and the underdog Mets gave hope to the hopeless and made the impossible, possible. ‚Äė69¬†was unreal,¬†surreal then miraculously¬†magical. I remember attending many games in ‚Äė69. Shea literally shook and bounced. Even more powerful than the Jets win in ‚Äė69, was the Mets WS win and it was led by one of baseball‚Äôs greatest of all time,¬†George Thomas Seaver. Hearing he lost his battle with dementia leaves me broken hearted. I will always associate my childhood and love of¬†baseball with Seaver. It‚Äôs like I just lost a family member. ¬†He will be missed and never forgotten. ¬†ūüėĘ

I think the Lyme Disease he had to battle for around 20 years was a precursor and probably caused the dementia.

RIP ūüėĘ

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6 hours ago, The Crimson King said:

Wilpon was A Dodger fan growing up and  always wanted to own them. When he had a chance to demolish our stadium, he built a modern Ebbetts Field as a tribute to "National Legue baseball". i.e the Dodgers, hence the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. Compare pictures of Ebbetts and CitiField, there is an obvious resemblance both inside and out. Not a hint of orange or blue anywhere. The only deviation from Ebbetts is the Pepsi/Coca Cola Porch which Jeffie the Moron suggested based on Tiger Stadium from when he was a kid visiting his grandparents 

Mets fans complained like heck when this travesty opened so they hung pictures of Mets players from the lamposts lining the walk and painted the ugly staircases walls Mets colors, then went, "See, it's a Mets Stadium"

They did name a gate after Seaver which is nice but one that Joe Lunchbox cannot go through because it is only for higher end tickets

Not that anyone is still bitter over this


Nicely written. Thanks, I didn’t know much of that.

Good word you used, travesty, that has been the best word to describe their sole ownership.

Wish they’d just take their Sale Proceeds and just be gone for good.  But like gum on your shoe they are still mandating 5% ownership when the deal closes.

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