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Are week 1 starting receivers on the roster?

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It’s imperative that we stop the run & keep Allen in the pocket. I’m fine with playing smash mouth ugly game Sunday letting our new Oline (much bigger & tougher), plus using multiple TE sets forcing the Bills out of nickel & dime sets (they have a deep secondary). 
Play field position with our new punter & be patient hoping the make a mistake (fumbled punt, or Allen pick deep in their own end). 
The game could be sloppy with no preseason so play it close to the vest & try to steal one. 
Losing on the road is not the end of the world, but stealing a win & getting a west coast team at home 10:00AM game for them with their entire WR group hurt is a coup for our Jets. Stop the run, double Kittle with a good group of safeties. 

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