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Why tie up two spots on PS to QB position?


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18 hours ago, Beerfish said:

Have you watched him play the last few years?  He is not good and has zero mobility at all.

This is why they drafted a QB.  Because the veteran QB options on the scrap heap are always terrible.  There's a reason they're let go by their teams.  With Morgan they at least have a cheap QB2 from 2021-23, at minimum.  

Those who think its best to constantly be cycling in a vet QB as opposed to drafting one as the QB2 are simply wrong.  They're obsessed with the QB2 spot yet always prefer the dumbest strategy for addressing it.

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16 hours ago, johnnysd said:

I would not have signed Flacco either.

For $1.5M it made perfect sense, even when factoring in his lack of availability to start the season.

At that price, the only other options would have been the likes of Chad Henne, Brian Hoyer, and Geno Smith. 

I suppose one could argue it would have been worth $3M to sign Case Keenum.  That would have been the only other guy I would have considered signing.  For half the price Flacco was fine.

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26 minutes ago, Stonehands said:

QB is the most important position on the field.  Maybe our whole practice squad should be QB's until we develop a top 10 QB on our regular roster.

Finally someone who gets it.  Keep adding QB's until you're dead sure you have one.

And even when you have one, add QB's anyways via the draft by using the middle rounds.  There is a very limited pool of people on the planet who can play the QB position effectively.  When you find one, great.  If you find a 2nd one, even better.  Trade him away for multiple 1sts.  Dak Prescott and Kirk Cousins were 4th rounders, after all.  

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