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JetNation Top 10; NFL Power Rankings


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JetNation Top 10; Preseason

1. Kansas City Chiefs – the Chiefs added even more playmaking ability with the addition of rookie RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire. His receiving ability will add a dimension to the team they lacked for most of the season last year. He will need to be good right away since Damien Williams opted out. The Chiefs don’t have a dominant defense, but they hardly need one. They allowed just under 20 points per game last season. That’s good enough since it’s hard to imagine anyone keeping the Chief’s offense under 20 on any given Sunday.

2. Baltimore Ravens – Will this team be able to recover from their stunning playoff loss last season? Playing the NFL’s easiest schedule in 2020 should help. They need to figure out how the Titans carved them up for 217 yards on the ground. Given the schedule though, the AFC playoffs may again go through Baltimore.

3. San Francisco 49ers – The 49ers need to get substantial production from rookie WR Brandon Aiyuk. Jimmy G has superstar TE George Kittle, but the wideout position is thin. OT Trent Williams, acquired from Washington in the offseason, should help the offensive line. The 49ers were a balanced club last season boasting the league’s 4th ranked offense and 2nd ranked defense.

4. Tennessee Titans – The 2019 playoff surprise team was no fluke. The Titans will dominate with the ground game putting Ryan Tannehill in good position to continue his strong play from the end of the 2019 season. If newly added DE Jadeveon Clowney is motivated, he will help solidify a weak spot from last year.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers went 8-8 last season with absolutely atrocious play at the quarterback position. Big Ben should be motivated to show that he’s still got something left in the tank. The defense is elite and should be even better in 2020 since they will not be on the field all day.

6. New Orleans Saints – Drew Brees looked mortal at the end of the season last year. They were more threatening with him on the bench and Taysom Hill on the field in their playoff loss to Minnesota. There are not a lot of holes to fill on either side of the ball, but there’s also not much to point to in order to say that they have addressed any.

7. Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers will play this season with a huge chip on his shoulder after the team took a QB with their first pick in the draft. They failed to add needed playmaking ability at WR in the offseason. The Pack is solid but it’s hard to make a case for them surpassing the other elite NFC teams in 2020.

8. Buffalo Bills – Josh Allen should post better numbers with an improved receiving corp. The team won last season despite Allen posting the league’s worst completion rate among starting QBs. With the losses the Pats have had in the offseason, the team is eyeing its first division title since 1995.

9. Seattle Seahawks – There are concerns on the OL and with the pass rush, but the Seahawks added prime talents to the defense and might have the best secondary in the league. Russell Wilson always finds ways to win and will keep the Seahawks in the mix in the NFC race.

10. Indianapolis Colts – Philip Rivers is old, but still capable. He’ll prove it in 2020 behind a solid offensive line. Improved QB play and the run game will put the Colts back in the playoffs in 2020.

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i don't know about this list.  imo 5 of those teams can go either way.  the steelers with roethlisberger?  he's getting pretty moldy.  garapollo didn't show much at qb for the niners when it counted.  the colts?  rivers is as old as ben.   he wasn't enough to get the chargers over the top.  titans?  they showed how to play the game but relied on the run game.  tannehill isn't going to win games without the run.  packers?  rodgers is a little overrated at this point in his career.

where's tampa with tommy boy?

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