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A Message to the People of the Board

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Brothers and Sisters, it has been revealed to me that I, a humble man of the board, have been deemed worthy of the title of Captain for this 2020 Campaign. I stand before you my fellow citizens as a s

Well, this captaincy has already lost my respect.

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Just now, edscuba said:

All hail to our Captain Jet engine 1 from Stuart, Florida.........WHAT? Can you even see the games down there? I'll be joining you in Nov.- May in Port St. Lucie.

Let me know! I usually hit a Duffys!


Uh, I mean, EXCELLENT! I shall enjoy tolerating your presence at a future time...


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1 hour ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

We must accept that Adam Gase is indeed a madman. I recognize a kindred spirit. But for this year, and perhaps into the future, he is OUR Madman. The time for sedition is over. Accept what we have, and come together in support of our team. 



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