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Who Scores The First Points Of 2020

Jet Nut

First points of 2020  

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  1. 1. Who scores our first points of the 2020 season

    • Sam Darnold rushing score
    • L Bell
    • Gore
    • Perine
    • Mims
    • Perriman
    • Crowder
    • Berrios
    • Herndon
    • Griffin
    • Wesco
    • Defensive Score
    • ST score
    • Ficken

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Ok well for this game I;'m going to pick Perriman as I think he will be a part of the offense from the word go. Even though White will be covering him most likely.  My other thought is that it will be Bell but I think we are going to use the running and screen game to open up the passing lanes a bit so Perriman gets the score. The first of many on the day,. 

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I can see it now.

Sweat pouring down his brow.

First points of the legendary campaign

Instill hope.

Ficken DRILLS IT from 55 yards.










Bob Wischusen, with no emotion in his voice from what he just witnessed:

"35-3 Bills after 4 quarters of play here in Buffalo, as the Jets go 0-1 to start the season."

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6 hours ago, Jackie Treehorn said:

Haha I knew Ficken would be in the lead! So Jetsy! 

And to be a good Jets fan, I also voted for him. 

That and the chances are good that any teams first score is a FG.

Or their second score is an XTR pt ?

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27 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Braden Mann.  He's going to lauch his first punt 60+ yards on the Jets' opening drive, race down the field to make the tackle, strip the ball and run it in for a score.

I will kiss you firmly (but sensually) on the lips if this happens.

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1 minute ago, BUM-KNEE said:

Gotta say Ficken for the first points as our O will probably take a couple quarters to find its groove.

That's the smart bet.  But I'll go with Herndon.  If they get to the red zone, I think Herndon will get a checkdown look and run it in from the 5 yard line.

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So I voted for Crowder but then realized its definitely going to be Ficken or T.Bass. I just see this as a sloppy, defensive battle where both teams look a little out of sync and both teams try to establish the run early and the first few drives will either result in punts or FGs. 

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