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17 hours ago, The Crusher said:

Yeah, Chiefs offense is just another level. Already at mid season form. 

Scary considering it looked like they were playing at half speed and it was basically a preseason game.  We play them at half way point. Just hoping we can put up a good fight. They pretty much dominated the Texans Thursday night.

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11 hours ago, Jet2020 said:

I mean I enjoyed the optimistic analysis on Darnold but it’s year 3 and he hasn’t exactly lived up to those analysis yet. And to put him above many other established QBs is exactly how you put it. We saw many positive analysis on Sanchez by the end of year 3. All it did was crush all the hope for many years to come. So I’ve changed my approach to “won’t believe until I see it“. Darnold and his next gen analysis fit right in. I’m still optimistic, just not a blind follower. 

yeah, 3rd year chez i tjought he might become decent...   then....pfffft

i 'm jaded and simply "show me!"

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