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A rare great article by Manish on how the Jets brass have failed Sam

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My nephew and I have been roasting each other all morning. He’s a rabid Bills fan

the simple reality is from GM to coach to roster the Bills are what we wish the Jets were right now. 

I am losing the battle and it’s not even close lol

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12 hours ago, SAR I said:

Players and coaches are hard-wired to win now, but decision makers appear to have prioritized the future over the present.

This is why, no matter how you feel about Gase, he will be back to coach in 2021 barring a mega-colossal-apocalyptic disaster this year.  In other words, I honestly feel like the Jets could win 4 or 5 games and there's an 80% chance Gase returns unless he had something like an on-field meltdown or an open revolt from players.

I think ownership and management feel like they're having Gase steer this boat as it's still being built and trying to float in the water.  They may not hold him completely accountable for what may happen on the field.

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12 hours ago, SAR I said:

The Bills are two years ahead of the Jets on their rebuild, so it's not fair to compare the fortunes of the two quarterbacks when it comes to team performance.

You couldn't find a single GM who would pick Allen over Darnold if they had their choice of either one this very day.  Allen is a running back.  Darnold is a quarterback.


Rebuild.  Ug.  This is 2020, not 1975.  Teams regularly go from bottom to top in a single season. The Jets have been rebuilding since 1969

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