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### NY Jets 2020 Season Opener vs Bills ### - The Official Game Thread


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1 minute ago, JetsLife said:

With two turnovers from the D, the Jets should have more than 10 in an offensive league.


I agree turnovers are nice but let's not act like getting the ball on your own 30 means you should get points.    Starting position has been awful. 


The offense ahs been awful but you can' tjust say because they had a couple turnovers they should have points. 

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5 minutes ago, JiF said:

Yeah, it still leaves a lot to be desired but once again, none of our receiver get any separation.  Darnold is having to hit every one with some drapped all over them again, it's just the same old same old.  Meanwhile, the Bills are running screens to every part of the field, play actions, misdirections, boot legs, roll outs, it's night and day.  Gase runs an unimaginative offense for the wrong players.  They WR's arent going out there and beating Bills defenders.  They suck.  And the Bills are good with one of the best corners in the league.  It's soooo frustrating.  

I think the misinterpretation of what gase runs as a offense makes everyone believe its unimaginative. I dont believe thats the case.  It's just not what you see a lot of other teams doing right now in terms of being more of an outside zone team that bootlegs off the outside zone. 

Gase is more west coast offense and crossing routes, a lot of timing routes with an inside zone running game.  In fact, if you watch the film, youll see alot of the same concepts they ran in denver when they were setting records. 

By contrast, Kyle shanahan is similar in the fact that he loves crossing, and deep digs built into the west coast system but all built off an outside zone scheme that he can use to boot and play action well.  

The difference for the jets is that they have 0 ability to play action because they cant consistently run the ball. the offensive line also is not holding up well enough right now to give time for the crossing routes to develop.  combine that with WR's getting 0 separation and you have a recipe for a stagnant offense.  When you watch it on tv and only see half of the picture it looks completely unimaginative, but its much more complex than people give it credit for. 

My critique of gase is his feel for play calling, he doesnt consistently set up his calls, and he also has a hard time play calling himself out of a hole. 


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