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### NY Jets 2020 Season Opener vs Bills ### - The Official Game Thread

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Gase is another coach that might have some XandO ability but seems to have no feel for the flow of the game.  His D is gassed after his O was so putrid in the first half and was on field entire time.  So instead of running a hurry up O he went pass, run, pass to a 3 and out.  D is still hitting but wilting.

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Hey 2020, you can't hold us back. Sure, you suck and all but the Jets season kicks off on Sunday and it is going to be a good season. Sam Darnold is the truth. Le'Veon Bell is in the best sh

I haven’t smoked marijuana in 5 years— today at halftime I shall toke

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1 minute ago, Integrity28 said:

Shouldn’t have traded Bridgewater away, should have kept him and Sam. Sam shouldn’t have started his rookie year, and he should have had to beat Teddy for the job in year 2. We could have hired any combination of coaches, including McCarthy, Rivera, Rhule... and we ****ed that up too.

Make it stop!

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Just now, RevisIsland610 said:

Really don't know why. He was worth it. Adams on the other hand was not worth what he was looking for. 

They offered him 10mill a year. He goes and signs with carolina for 2 years 20mill (but from what I read it's more like 1yr/12mill) He got an 8mill signing bonus with carolina for 2020. 

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4 minutes ago, Bleedin Green said:

Because he's the one who chose to leave, declining the Jets' offer, which was the best he got?

That's not a particular defense of the Jets, considering it hardly reflects well when players will leave for less, but it's kind of an important factor a lot of people seem to be ignoring in order to tack something else onto the list from today to be pissy about, as if there aren't enough already happening in this game.

Didn’t know that.  So two players with ability surveyed the Jet situation and said effectively... “I’m outta here.”

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