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### NY Jets 2020 Season Opener vs Bills ### - The Official Game Thread


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1 minute ago, Jetlife33 said:

At some point Sam has to raise the talent level around him and make them better. Doesn’t look like he can do that at this point in his career. 

In fairness, he could if given an nfl offense to work with, as long as he has this pee wee crap forced on him , he is doomed. We literally are wasting him.

Meanwhile teddy and robbie going off because the coach know robbienis a go route guy and gave hima chance. Meanwhile we refuse to even make the most basic adjustment  in game

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1 minute ago, Losmeister said:

Perriman is actaully better than Robby...


You’re a stats guy, no? This seems pretty simple to me. Robby’s production is more consistent than Perriman thru put his career as well as today.

1 minute ago, TeddEY said:

I mean, Robby has an NFL QB throwing to him.

Can’t argue there. I’m totally on the Trevor Lawrence train. It is what it is. I’ve seen enough.

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