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When Will it Ever Change

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1 hour ago, Ml43jets said:

It's unbelievable how bad this franchise is every year.  First game of the year and the Jets showed us why they are the laughing stock of the entire league.  There is absolutely nothing positive to take away from this game.  It is torture being a Jets fan.

It’s honestly you’re own fault if you expected anything different. The Jets suck this year, last year and 95% of their miserable existence. Come to terms with that and join the SOJ bandwagon and you’ll be fine and won’t care.  

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No one should either buy a ticket, attend a game (even when that is possible), or buy any Jets merchandise (not even a key chain) until the Johnsons sell.  Someone should start a crowdfunding to raise money to advertise extensively and brutally.  The Johnsons would hate this.

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Here's what you do- fire everyone, and I mean everyone, even the hotdogs venders.

Start over like an expansion team. Scrap the name, logo and colors. Try like hell to get your own stadium.

Maybe, just maybe that washes the stink off this franchise

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