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Scale of 1 to 10 what is your confidence level in Darnold?

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7 minutes ago, UntouchableCrew said:

Yesterday was definitely the lowest point yet in terms of my optimism with Darnold. It’s the first time I can remember watching him and thinking “he’s not the guy.”

The supporting cast isn’t doing him any favors but he’s still making the same boneheaded decisions and some of his throws were just awful. He looks rattled.

I think back to how he looked down the stretch in 2018 and man, I really feel like hiring Adam Gase is the biggest mistake this franchise has made since I started following the team. They guy is just awful. I think we’ve kind of ruined the most promising thing we’ve had.

This is exactly how I feel.  Today is the first time I feel like he is not going to be our franchise QB.

Gase is an awful coach and that is evident in not just the offense but the entire team.  And I understand the lack of continuity with our players and the lack of separation from the WRs, but Sam isnt improving the little things.  Back foot throws, poor mechanics, bad interceptions - its been 3 years and he is still making those mistakes.  

Watching as much football as I did yesterday, its ridiculous how bad our play design and play calling is.  Teams around the league are consistently getting players open or out in space.  Our best play yesterday was a WR screen where Crowder almost ran into his own guy and happened to break free.  On the biggest 3rd down we ran a TE screen?????????????? that turned into a fumble.   I really dont understand how Gase can be this bad.  

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