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Mekhi Becton 1st Start


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45 minutes ago, JiF said:

Weird, I feel like the pocket was collapsing quite a bit .

I agree.  It didn't look like a complete sh!tshow like last year did seemingly after every snap but I definitely noticed that there were many occasions the pocket was collapsing about 1.5 seconds after the snap.  Saw Darnold stepping up and sliding around quite a bit even on the plays he was able to throw a reasonable pass.

The timing and working together as a unit is an important thing.  Overall, I thought they did well and I'd credit a few key people....Coach Frank Pollack for getting an entirely new unit ready for Week 1, the rookie Becton playing well, Conor McGovern stepping in to stabilize the Center spot.

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1 hour ago, Jetlife33 said:

I think the line was pretty average in pass pro today. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. I know there was some pressure up the middle, but I think it was a step up from last year. 

There will always be pressure  against a front 7 like the Bills but there were no jail breaks. That was a step forward from last season.

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8 minutes ago, Team archer said:

Serious or sarcasm? On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being completely done with Sam, how are you feeling about our fqb right now.

Solid 3 

Before today a 6

Really wasn't expecting him to be the liability he was today. I'd be more disappointed if I didn't expect to be disappointed.

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He had at least three problematic plays.  The sack was on him, he was beaten but Darnold could have dumped it off to avoid it.

The hold would have been a sack and was the worst play for him.

He was badly beaten a few plays earlier as well, but Darnold rolled out and the rb picked it up.

They were getting consistent edge pressure though, and Darnold was forced to step into a pushed pocket quite a few times which led to a number of wobbly throws.  He needs to work on his finishing move technique.

The flip side was his talent was evident.  He has solid balance for such a big man, moved well and his strength was impressive.  Real deal talent, unlike QW who just fails to look anything like a first round selection.  He also looked better in the second half, so that’s positive.

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Many fans including myself were concerned that pass protection could be an issue with Beckton based on his lack of experience.  Still, I think most of all all thought it was an exciting pick based on his uncommon measurables.

He did a very good job his first time out.  One penalty, but nothing troubling regarding his technique.  He can do they job and will only get better. Strong possibility that he will develop into a pro bowler.

The line in general did a good job.  Considering it was this unit's first time out, I am encouraged.

Darnold, I thought did a bad job. He left a lot of money on the table.

What this means for the big picture going forward...

JD looks to have hit with his 1st rounder AND so far it looks like he also accomplished what ALL of us saw as job one.  He made additions that solidified the offensive line.

It is going to take another off season to add offensive skill positions.

But now... The may be back to square 1 with the QB situation.

That could be poor coaching by Gase, though.

IMHO.... What has to be done now is to FIRE GASE and get a new HC in there NOW so we can see for sure what Darnold is.

JD has a lot of draft capitol in his pocket.  He may need it to trade up to take a QB next year...

We need to see Darnold now under a new HC.  

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