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You Cant Actually Be Surprised...


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As anyone who reads my posts knows, I don't think Adam Gase is a good NFL HC.  However, I'm pretty surprised at how Jets fans are reacting to this Buffalo game.

Was there anyone left that actually thought Gase would all of a sudden start performing better as a coach ??? You had to know the season was over before it started with respect to the post season. 

Knowledgeable fans had expected 6 to 7 games in the win column this year, and that should be just about right.   The Bills are the favorite to win the div and the Jets are in their first go-around with a new GM and a weak roster. 

Mr. Coffee left the cupboard so bare, there is no way any fan should expect a winning season.  The Jets did what they were supposed to do.  They lost badly to the team with the strongest roster in their division.

The compelling things to watch for this year are:

1. Does Darnold show progress

2. How are JD's draft picks working out.

3. How is the offensive line playing as a unit with all the new starters

With Darnold, what we saw was a regression.  He made mental mistakes, did not appear to be prepared and he was off target with the football.  He left a lot of money on the table.  He had the protection and the pass catchers gave him opportunities.  

Can we blame Gase for Darnold ???? Perhaps... Or perhaps Darnold is not going to be a good pro QB. 

The offensive line did a fair job for their first time together.  Becton was flagged, but did a very good job his first time out against a speedy edge rusher.  We can all feel good about Becton thus far.  A good LT find is nothing to sneeze at. 

The Jets are not a very talented team. They are going to lose most of their games.  Where is the surprise ?

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