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Gase Closed!

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Regardless of last night’s game or even how McCarthy pans out overall in Dal, he should have been the coach here during Darnold’s second and third years. He is the definition of a guy who knows how to develop quarterbacks. Look back over his entire resume. He might not be the best in game coach and his schemes may be outdated, but the QB school that he has put some great QBs through would have been a huge benefit to Darnold’s career, and if after two years he sh*t the bed as a HC, we’d get rid of him and start over. But at least we would have known what we had in Darnold.

Instead, we‘ve been stuck with no QB development, overly complicated game plans, and a HC who’s entire track record reflects his QB: thoroughly unprepared game in and game out.

My point is this: Darnold very well might be a bad QB, but I’m afraid we have an Alex Smith situation on our hands where the QB can actually play but is saddled with pure ineptness at the HC and OC positions to start his career. Whether Gase goes tomorrow or at the end of the year or next year, unfortunately, Darnold’s evaluation will be an incomplete. If we had hired McCarthy, Darnold would have gone through the appropriate developmental stages and had the 10k mental reps from McCarthy’s QB school. And if all of that helped Darnold become a FQB, great - but if not, at least we would have confirmation that Darnold is definitely a bust, and we can move forward without him. 

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