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All Pundits Unanimous - Jets Were A Joke & Gase Is The Cause

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1 hour ago, SAR I said:

That's your first mistake.

My 9 year old son could see this, not exactly a hot take.

Darnold spends more time sucking on the teet of Jordan Palmer than he does any member of the Jets coaching staff.  He's with us for 16 weeks.  He's with Jordan Palmer's Quarterback Whisper Factory 36 weeks.

The ignorant media who only know two Jets players by name and pay as much attention to us as we do the San Diego Padres will run to the click-producing Gase narrative because it's what the media does.  If you watched yesterday's game, you'd see that the D stunk up the joint more than the O did and if you're going to crush Gase you need to crush Williams and Darnold too.

What a brilliant idea, because a) we have so many qualified candidates in Florham Park and b) so many qualified head coaches are sitting at home just begging to lead a team known as NFL HC Siberia.

And before you go there, Gregg Williams screwed up yesterday worse than Gase did.  He's not the guy.


The Padres are maybe the best young team in baseball. Any baseball fan with a clue pays them a lot of attention. Funny that you missed the mark so badly in two sports in one post.

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