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All Pundits Unanimous - Jets Were A Joke & Gase Is The Cause

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I do not think Gase is a good HC. Perhaps with a veteran QB he would be a good OC, but that is not his role here. It is to make the whole team better and develop a young QB. He is failing in both regards in spades.

That said. I do feel a little bit bad for him. He took over a team so devoid of talent that it would be impossible to plug all of the holes and fix depth issues in any less time than 3 years. He lost one of those years because he was not able to get Mac fired until after the 2019 draft. I'm not sure what the Jets would look like if JD already had 2 drafts to fix the O line, but I am pretty sure he would not have drafted Quinnen Williams and instead would have traded back and selected some O lineman. But, that's the past and there is no re-writing the past.

I applaud Gase for ridding us of Mac and getting us JD. It was the best thing to happen to the Jets' management since Parcell's was hired. Unfortunately for Gase he has done little justify keeping him around as a HC as JD steadily improves the talent on the team.  So, give Gase, at most, the first 8 games to show improvement. If the team is not competitive by then, or if it appears at some point that the team has quit on him (they didn't yesterday -  well, a couple of them did), fire him, make GW the interim HC and Jim Bob Cooter the OC (I'm still confused why Jim Bob - a former QB - is the RB coach and not the QB coach).

The coaching change will merely rid us of Gase's ineptitude. It will not convert the team into a winning team. Here is the bottom line for this season. The O line is comprised of players selected in the following rounds: 1st, 4th, 5th, undrafted, and undrafted;  and all but the 1st round pick were selected by other teams and either traded on not re-signed. If they overachieve, they will become by seasons end a below average but serviceable line -- and that is mainly due to Becton. The interior of the Jets O line will remain among the worst in the NFL. Frankly, I'd start trying to work Clark in at LG once he is healthy, in the hope of making the left side above average and giving the RBs a strong side to run behind. 

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