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All Pundits Unanimous - Jets Were A Joke & Gase Is The Cause

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3 minutes ago, SAR I said:

Hopefully the days of Jets ownership listening to the idiotic Jets fanbase's voices are over.

You geniuses have never gotten it right.  In fact, your impatience and pressure has hurt this team more than any head coach ever has.  Your begging and your revolving door of coaches and quarterbacks has led nowhere, and the reputation you caused as NFL Siberia for talented college coaches and NFL coordinators means we will never get a top candidate.  


jets heading the wrong way bills heading the correct way. The bills have a good coach , the jets a terrible one. The jets have a terrible roster the bills have a good one. The Bills brought in Diggs the Jets brought in Perriman.

I know a guy we can call him cars because he is a fake rich guy that drives an is lexus you which is like a 3 series bmw.   He says the bills are not better than the Jets and even said the Bills were not a playoff team last year when they played in the playoffs. This guy cars as we like to call him was talking about playoffs this year and how Gase was such a genius because the defense led by Adams helped win a bunch of games at the end of the season last year.He also says Allen is not a good QB like Sam is. 

The best thing Douglass can do is do what the Bills are doing. I look at their roster and there is not one starter the Jets have that I would take over the bills counterpart.

The best thing fans can do is not listen to fake rich guys like Cars.. 

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