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All Pundits Unanimous - Jets Were A Joke & Gase Is The Cause

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22 minutes ago, SAR I said:

What is the Bills offense?  Josh Allen running around is not exactly some genius-level strategy.  Is that what you want?  Some high-risk quarterback improvisation featuring fumbles, interceptions, incompletions, and the inevitable knee injury that ends the season?  That's where McDermott is headed.

The Gase offense?  You mean the Loggains offense, correct?  I'm not sure what it is, but what we do know is that no NFL offensive coordinator is going to look competent if his a) quarterback can't hit the side of a barn, b) his OL is having trouble containing a pass rush, and c) the RB is an over-the-hill bust.  A few weeks from now when Darnold wakes the **** up, the OL is gelled, Perine is back, and Mims is back, let's talk.



SAR, the only hope that i'm holding onto is that usually whomever I want as HC ends up being a letdown so i'm trying to be hopeful that Gase will turn things around despite my preference he go (opposite theory). 

That said, he has a body of work of many years at this point. The positive from last year is he kept the team together when they could have easily gave up and collapsed down the stretch. But as far as offensive efficiency, what evidence (in the years of data he compiled) can you point to and convince people he's the answer? Keep in mind QBs like peyton manning don't grow on trees and to expect Darnold to morph into him is a bit unreasonable. 

You can tell me that it's Darnold's failing, not Gase's. Ok, but if the plan is to just wait until we have a QB with Peyton's brain/arm combo that can help Gase realize his genius gameplan, we'll be waiting for another 50 years. Gase will NOT last long enough to see this. My biggest issue is his stubbornness. He will not deviate from what he believes will eventually work assuming his personnel executes it perfectly. WE DO NOT HAVE THE PERSONNEL TO EXECUTE WHAT HE WANTS TO SEE. Therefore, wouldn't a prudent HC make some adjustments?

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