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Keyshawn and Greeny nail it

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4 hours ago, kdels62 said:

Everyone: The Bills have one of the best rosters in the league.

Also Everyone: The Jets have a bottom 5 roster

Also everyone: The Jets might have chemistry issues since they turned over a lot of their roster during COVID.

Also everyone: Josh Allen must play well for the Bills to be good.

Those same people: There is no excuse for the Jets playing poorly. If you ignore that Josh Allen had the best performance of his career against a depleted Jets defense then it is all Adam Gase’s fault.

Except that wasn’t everyone on this board.

The vast majority of this board have been calling JD a genius for the roster he put together.  Failing to recognize the reality of the garbage he was actually, knowingly, putting out there.

I think you’ll find those of us that understood this was a throw away year for the franchise aren’t particularly upset or shocked on how bad they were.

My guess, JD, CJ and AG weren’t shocked or particularly upset either.  

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