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Keyshawn and Greeny nail it

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56 minutes ago, JiF said:

I love overreaction Monday.  It's the best.

Really want the Jets to beat the 49'ers.  What will be the story next week?  Jets/Gase maybe possibly good?  Or 49'ers SB hangover?


It IS time to OVERREACT!  What we saw yesterday was pure sh*t.  It was inexcusable.  The Jets are NOT going to beat the Niners next week.  The only question is will it be 21-0 (or worse) before we finish our first beer.  The real overreactions will come if/when we actually win a game.  

The excuses from the NON-over reactors are the media (my favorite!), injuries, new OL, Idzik, Maccagnnan, SOJF, the wind (!), Covid, and the list goes on.  The reality is there is only one solution.  We must hit the reset button (AGAIN) and clean house except for Douglas (he and his six year contract aren't going anywhere) and start over.  However, that will just repeat itself unless the Johnsons let Douglas run the show entirely.  No more coach and GM BOTH reporting to the owners.  No more disappearing for several years and then showing up to fire the GM you just let spend $100mm on free agents and make all of the draft picks.

This team will be a carnival act until that happens.

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