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Who will be the next head coach???

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1 hour ago, AL047 said:

What the Jets need is a Bill Parcells type that can bring order to this team!!!! 

But the problem is and people don't be ridiculous with your answer, but all the good coaches are either retired or taken by teams with winning programs. Right now the Jets are not a team that makes a good coach want to come here!!!!! This team has no foundation and no respected coach will come here especially when they are rebuilding. 

They need a coach to shake the very foundation if they have anything!!!! The coach has to give Darnold some tough love like if you throw another interception or make any type of boneheaded mistake you are benched!!!!! That will be a start, I will have the GM get rid of Bell and give the rookie and Gore the chance to run the ball. Bell is too much of a prima donna and the Jets right now need leaders in that locker not players who are into themselves!!!!!

Eric Bienemy is not the answer!!!!

Urban Meyer isn't the answer!!!!

Gregg Williams isn't the answer!!!!

Rex Ryan isn't the answer!!!!

Where are they going to find their next coach????

Urban Meyer is the answer but he almost certainly won't come here.

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5 hours ago, jeremy2020 said:



He may have been a bad coach but at least he's a much more likable guy than the Gase-hole that we currently have.

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