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Darnold positives from Sunday

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7 hours ago, bitonti said:

He looks taller, really?

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Dreamy eyes, taut supple buttocks, too.

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3 hours ago, SAR I said:

Darnold's performance in Buffalo was the first and only time I've doubted his qualifications as a franchise quarterback.

I am still a believer, but I am stunned about how unprepared he was considering:

1.  The 1-7 start from last year and consuming himself to avoid that same disaster.

2.  The 6-2 finish and how that should have left him supremely confident.

3.  Covid which, while tragic, allowed him to have 3+ months of quarantined specialized training time with his personal quarterback coach.

4.  A full year in the same playbook with 100% of the coaching staff returning.

5.  5 weeks of live training camp and no preseason games which should have left him fresh and feeling great.

6.  Better OL, better RB's, better WR's than he had at any time during last year's injury-riddled campaign.

7.  The media trying to humiliate him and his teammates at every opportunity since May.

You add all that up, Darnold should have come out like a man possessed on Sunday.  He should have been in total control, he should have had that eye of the tiger, he should have been screaming at teammates on the sidelines, he shouldn't have taken a loss instead of an incompletion, he shouldn't have been daydreaming during a TV timeout, he wasn't exactly facing Bill Belichick's ghosts.  In other words, he should have looked like a grown up professional in complete command and not a timid boy making Pop Warner mistakes.


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