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Darnold positives from Sunday

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19 minutes ago, Y3k said:

This is what this forum has devolved into. It’s a toxic waste dump. 


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But really all he has given us is flashes .... Not all his fault the organization has failed him.

But make no mistake he is trending closer to sacrificial lamb these days than he is to savior.

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55 minutes ago, Losmeister said:

2017 Anderson/Kearse/Ardarius



better than Sam


10 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:


Your point?  Those skill position players are considerably better than 




Mrrmmm no. Both sets are garbage but A is worse than B. Crowder the best if the bunch. Disagree if you want it's not like either set is what I want for the team.

Kearse was nothing special and Adarius didn't belong in the league.... Herndon>Sefarian-Jenkins and I don't even like Herndon like that .....

Bell washed up ....Forte washed up

Gore at least still churns some tough yards.

All trash teams but don't come in here with "considerably better"

None of us want Sam to end up a cautionary tale. It's just what happens to Jets QBs.

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1 hour ago, #27TheDominator said:

Eh.  You are correct.  Considerably was an overstatement, but they are at a minimum comparable. 

Crowder had the one big play, but he sucked in the first half. 

Not sure why Herndon is supposed to be good.  He is a hope.  He had numerous lousy plays and his golden age has been his eh 2018 campaign.  ASJ is similar if uninspiring.

Stewart doesn't belong in the league?  True enough, but Hogan was, quite literally, out of the league.  Nobody was knocking. Bad > bad + old. 

Forte was washed up, but Gore churns some tough yards? The guy is 37 and four of the last five years he averaged under 4 ypc.  His "good" year was with Gase. 

The dropoff from Perriman to Anderson may be huge and Perriman is dinged. 

Darnold sucked.  I just don't understand why everyone is looking for new ways to say it.

So basically we agree. Darnold sucked and lots of people want to deflect it on to other people who also sucked. Not I.

I can sit here and say he looked bad ... Very bad... Uninspired...  Along with undercoached by a man who does not attempt to coach to his players strengths but rather follow a formula that has quite literally never worked for him as a HC.

Splitting hairs on the crap skill positions it pointless. I'm not a huge Perriman fan just like I am not a huge Robby Anderson fan. I don't want either but since we have no one I will now say we should have just paid for both. In true Jets fashion Anderson blew up in his first game with the Panthers while Perriman was the non-existent Perriman he was most of his career. Just so the fates could rub salt in the wound.

I ate some crow on Robby and if he keeps it up I'll eat some more but I don't expect him to. 

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