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Darnold positives from Sunday

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49 minutes ago, Losmeister said:

2017 McCown is better than Sam Darnold.

Digest that for a minute.



42 minutes ago, Losmeister said:

2017 Anderson/Kearse/Ardarius



better than Sam

Your point?  Those skill position players are considerably better than 




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42 minutes ago, Lurker89 said:


Mrrmmm no. Both sets are garbage but A is worse than B. Crowder the best if the bunch. Disagree if you want it's not like either set is what I want for the team.

Kearse was nothing special and Adarius didn't belong in the league.... Herndon>Sefarian-Jenkins and I don't even like Herndon like that .....

Bell washed up ....Forte washed up

Gore at least still churns some tough yards.

All trash teams but don't come in here with "considerably better"

None of us want Sam to end up a cautionary tale. It's just what happens to Jets QBs.

Eh.  You are correct.  Considerably was an overstatement, but they are at a minimum comparable. 

Crowder had the one big play, but he sucked in the first half. 

Not sure why Herndon is supposed to be good.  He is a hope.  He had numerous lousy plays and his golden age has been his eh 2018 campaign.  ASJ is similar if uninspiring.

Stewart doesn't belong in the league?  True enough, but Hogan was, quite literally, out of the league.  Nobody was knocking. Bad > bad + old. 

Forte was washed up, but Gore churns some tough yards? The guy is 37 and four of the last five years he averaged under 4 ypc.  His "good" year was with Gase. 

The dropoff from Perriman to Anderson may be huge and Perriman is dinged. 

Darnold sucked.  I just don't understand why everyone is looking for new ways to say it.

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23 minutes ago, UnknownJetFan said:

Once we started at the end of the half we were doing fine and likely would have controlled the rest if the game had Herndon held the ball(controversial call). So, Sam was doing a lot of work on what amounted to 3 scoring drives and 2 TDs, which would have been 3 TD drives had the Bills defender not hurt Bell when he got that penalty since that throw would have been a TD, The one thing I hate about this sport is you do something illegal, get the penalty(which is just a 5yard 1st down penalty i.e big deal), and hurt a plyer that is ineffective or out the rest of the game and now on short term IR so we lose the guy for 4 games which included the game we were in. That should at least get that player ejected from the current game they are in.  

You wanted to eject that guy?  I think we should send him flowers.

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