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Darnold positives from Sunday

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2 hours ago, Y3k said:

Yes there were positives, quite a few actually. I’ve rewatched every play like 10 times now, here are some positive observations:

- He looks bigger and stronger, maybe even a bit taller

- He was awesome in the pocket, even on bad throws/plays. The “pocket” was very chaotic all day. He stood in there, eyes down field. Did a great job of moving in the pocket and/or finding lanes to scramble and create time to throw.

- The second drop by Crowder in the first quarter is maybe the most impressive pocket throw Darnold has ever made. Watch it again closely if you can. 

- Bounces back from the pick with a great throw to Le’Veon and a nice 2 min drive to get points 

- His release is absurd. It’s incredible how he took this loopy throwing motion and now has probably the tightest release in the NFL. People love to trash his “mechanics” but his throwing mechanics are good. It’s his footwork that sometime is out of sync. 

- Overall this was a lot closer to being a good game than it felt like live. It was an incredibly frustrating game to watch because of the uncharacteristic missed throws and drops. It created a barrage of 3 and outs that combined with the D allowing long scoring drives became unbearable to watch. 

- I have to say, nothing is easy in this offense. Yes, “plays were there to be made” but they were all high degree of difficulty plays that required Sam to buy time and make accurate throws on the move. 

On to Sunday 

One thing I noticed while watching the Baldy breakdown of Becton.... there was a pass very early in the game, possibly the first drive, short pass to Darnold‘s right that I believe was going to Crowder or maybe Herndon. Darnold’s footwork looked horrible! The pass sailed like 5 ft in front of the receiver ... But on a closer look Becton had backed up into Darnold. Their feet were almost tangled. To me that looked like why his feet couldn’t get set and his mechanics were so bad.

Our quarterback had a bad game. No doubt about it. But the whole offense seemed out of sync and I think having new players and no preseason games against a very good defense seems to be a key part of it.

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